Team Players with Hearts of Gold: Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen

When we come across outstanding teachers and true blue team players, shout-outs happen. And when we’re doubly blessed to offer access to practitioners that fit the aforementioned bill like Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen at the Caribbean Yoga Conference 2013, we can’t help but highlight their work.

Photo credit: Tadasana Festival

Our recent interaction with Kia and Tommy occurred over an impromptu smoothie-sharing episode in their kitchen in Venice, CA. Our PR pal Diane Ferraro happened upon an opening in their busy schedule and popped over in person. The text message read something to the effect of “Get over here immediately so we can feed you.” Diane obliged. And not just due to the promise of good eats, but because Kia and Tommy are the kind of people who not only work hard on their own projects that elevate the community, they stand behind the projects of others that they believe in with full support. When Kia and Tommy say they’ll work with you on a project, that project takes off.

Launching Tadasana Festival in 2012 shot Tommy to instant¬†notoriety as one of the hardest working leaders and entrepreneurs in the business. He’s openly shared his thoughts on the heart power necessary to commit to tremendous undertakings like hosting a yoga festival. “Energetically speaking, an open heart means a good clean flow of energy in and out. When the heart can receive and emit communication well, really good things happen.”

Kia contributes, “When you take a moment to step back from your busy schedule–you know the one that keeps you going, going, going all the time–just to reflect and dream a little, wonderful ideas and plans come up on their own without you needing to wrestle them to fruition.”

Photo credit: elevision

Check out Kia and Tommy on this vintagey elevision episode on entrepreneurism from yesteryear hosted by Waylon Lewis of








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